Maintaining Alaska Fishery Sustainability

The whole world is well aware of rich fish resources of Alaska. To sustain them in a suitable way, a significant system of management was developed. The main aim of is it quite obvious, especially if taking into account the facts that Alaska is the only one state with the government allowing for utilizing, developing and maintaining fish resources at an appropriate level.

To sustain the Alaska fisheries, federal, regional and state observers check and inspect all the aspects of the industry. From year to year they check the state of fish stocks, analyze this information and specify an appropriate harvesting level. The fishery managers then follow these recommendations and create some standards of the catch level, harvest methods and the number of fishers in a specific fishery. This process is open to public and all representatives of this sphere can give a comment on it. During the harvest periods, state and federal observers check the catch too to control the quantity of fish caught. This system makes it possible not to wipe off all Alaska fish resources and develop this industry.

Alaska Fishery Traceability

Besides the system of management, all seafood specialties from Alaska are excellently traceable while delivered. The whole process can be traced, from fishing itself to processing and transportation. We deliver fresh and traceable seafood to domestic and international markets and individual customers all over the world meeting all their needs.