Alaska Salmon

Due to fish processing plants in the largest Alaska fishing areas, ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS is one of the major producers of frozen and fresh salmon and provides its services in every corner of the world. Due to our close cooperation with the fishing fleet we are able to deliver only fresh salmon that we process as fast as possible. Don’t doubt that all salmon products are also traceable while delivered.

Product Features

ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS process 5 common salmon species caught by fishermen using different harvest methods, such as trolling, purse nets and tangle nets. Salmon is caught from May to September. Salmon meat can be of different colors, from soft pink to saturated red. Consumers, retailers and foodservice representatives can select among multiple sustainable salmon products meeting their needs. Besides, we are also authorized by the marine Stewardship Council to be engaged in the fishing industry.

The table in this section contains our most demanded types of packages. Other packages are marketed at the consumer’s request. We can also offer fish fillets, pinbone in or out, skin on and off meeting our customers’ requirements.