Salmon Species

Alaska Salmon

  • -Chinook (Quinnat, King) Salmon

  • -Sockeye (Blue-backed, Red) Salmon

  • -Coho (Silver, White) Salmon

  • -Keta (Chum) Salmon

  • -Pink (Humpback) Salmon

Salmon Life Span

In the fishing industry admissible catch level is characterized in accordance with the results of fishery inspection carried out by the fishery manager. This level can vary just like the life cycle of salmon species. Salmon species are tallied as they grow and swim back to the waters where they were hatched. Fishery managers let a particular amount of salmon enter the waters to lay eggs before starting the fishing. Due to this, fish stocks will not be wiped out.

  • 1. Salmon eggs and fry begin drifting downstream in spring.

  • 2. Silver, blue-backed and king salmon species inhabit in fresh water for one to three years. Keta, humpback and some quinnat salmon species swim directly to sea water.

  • 3. Like smolts, salmon species easily get used to sea water. Depending on the species, salmon inhabit and mature in the Pacific Ocean for two to four years. Then they start their journey of many miles.

  • 4. In summer salmon species back to the waters where they were spawned.

  • 5. Female salmon shed eggs in the pebbles of the streambed, and males fertilize them. After laying eggs salmon die giving eggs and fry vital nutrients.