ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS offers a huge amount of wild and natural seafood from Alaska. From year to year, we do our best to develop and fulfill all requirements of consumers. We use unique methods to harvest, process and transport fish products to maintain high quality and keep seafood fresh and traceable.

If you purchase seafood from ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS, don’t doubt that you get only high- quality and fresh seafood. Due to the significance of the fish resources of the state, all fisheries are thoroughly monitored by federal and state observers. It is allowed to catch only surplus fish and shellfish not to wipe out all the recourses. Moreover, Alaska is the only one state allowing to catch surplus fish and shellfish to maintain the stability of the resources and the only one state confiding to sustain them. With such system of management Alaska will always be a perfect source of natural fish. Besides, ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS is even certified by the Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody and is authorized to be engaged in the fishing industry.