Pacific (Alaska) Cod

Pacific code is a quite popular fish species that is notable for superb solid and flaky texture and an amazingly delicate taste. Cod has been a main ingredient of any healthy diet for many decades and recently has been considered as a true “standard”, with which other fish species are compared. This universal fish is added to many different dishes and included in many cuisines worldwide. ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS catch Pacific (or Alaska) cod caught in trawls, set hooks, pots and jig fisheries.

Product Features

This fish is available at any time of the year and marketed frozen, whole and dressed, cut or quick frozen. When the cod is still harvested, you can buy already fresh cut fish or dressed fish. Due to our cooperation with the fishing fleet combined with our methods of how to process and ship fish, Pacific cod is always delivered fresh and traceable.

The table above presents the most marketed packages. The other types of packages can be marketeddepending on the customer’s requests.