Alaska Halibut (Turbot)

ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS offers halibut in any state and product form you like: frozen or fresh, whole or dressed. Alaska halibut is considered to be a high-quality whitefish and the biggest flatfish and can reach even 300 pounds! This fish is notable for its firm flaked texture and pleasant and soft taste. Besides, halibut is of great demand in most of the foodservice and retail spheres.

Alaska turbot is a good source of proteins and is not rich in fat, due to which it suits essentially all applications.

Product Features

Alaska halibut is caught from the beginning of March to mid November. After being caught this fish is cleaned and thawed immediately. ALASKA SALMON SUPPLIERS plants are situated in the largest fishing areas. Airports are also accessible to us for on-time deliveries of fresh seafood. Due to our close cooperation with the fishing fleet, we are able to deliver always fresh and traceable halibut. Moreover, we are certified by the MSC Chain of Custody and do our best to sustain Alaska turbot resources.

The table here presents the most marketed packages we offer. Other types of packages are marketed on the consumer’s request. For more details follow our Halibut Guide.