Alaska Flatfish

Alaska waters are rich in flatfish and offer 4 of the most common flatfish species. No matter how they are called, flounders or soles, they have the same features and are characterized by white lean meat and gentle taste and texture. The American arrow-toothed flounder is so nutritious and is notable for its delicate texture. Its size can even reach more than 6 kg! As for the long-finned flounder, it can’t be bigger than 900 g but it doesn’t matter, as this fish has sweet taste and delicate texture. The broad-finned flounder is the second most popular flatfish fishery in the USA. It is demanded on most home markets due to its meaty texture.

Product Features

Frozen flounder from Alaska is available almost at any fishing time. These species are caught with trawl and the fishing process is thoroughly controlled by federal observers and environmentalists. Due to our planning of the fishery combined with our shipping and handling techniques, we always supply fresh fish.

The table consists of the most demanded types of packages. Other types of packages are available upon the client’s request.